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As the maintenance, repair or operations manager of your company, you are charged with the responsibility of delivering the most efficient repair and overhaul services possible, with the dual purpose of reducing MRO and M&E costs, while keeping downtime to a minimum.  Aerospace Precision can play an important role in that process.

This responsibility exists with every aircraft you service, starting from day one – which begins with the acceptance of the aircraft and its maintenance schedule from an OEM and continuing throughout that aircraft’s operational and maintenance life cycles.  As daunting as this may seem, the challenge is amplified by the persistent, industry-wide pressure to introduce new efficiencies to further reduce maintenance and engineering costs while simultaneously increasing and maximizing operational availability of the fleet.

The pressure is justified, because any aircraft delayed in maintenance is missing revenue-generating opportunities and increasing overall maintenance costs. Time is money and maintenance organizations that harness their experience and provide mission-critical maintenance support services will gain competitive advantages and reduce overall turnaround times.  Aerospace Precision is your partner in that process.

The value of predicting and forecasting demand for parts and resources is best seen by not doing so. This lost value for maintenance companies is being manifested in the following forms throughout the airline industry.  When a grounded plane can cost tens of thousands of dollars a day in lost revenue that cannot be regained, the concern over the impact of MRO and M&E expense on the corporate bottom line becomes obvious.  The impact is multiplied by the number of aircraft needing maintenance at any given time.  Lost revenue and your challenge of providing the fastest possible maintenance service at the lowest possible cost, is a concern.  Remember us when you need to reduce the impact of these issues.

When you consider that decades-old aircraft are common and labor costs for operations on old and new aircraft consume the lion’s share of the total maintenance budgets, decisions about who will assist in that endeavor must be carefully considered. Newer aircraft, with their better corrosion protection and stronger airframes, have lower maintenance costs, but still require a experienced partner in their support.  Aerospace Precision offers quick repair and reduced overhaul turn time.  Major carriers worldwide use Aerospace Precision for on time deliveries.

Consider us the next time you face this challenge.

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Corporate: 34110 9th Avenue South, Federal Way, WA 98003-6710, U.S.A.
Tel: (253) 661-9600 | Fax: (253) 252-3941
Luchner Tool Engineering: tools@luchner.com
Aerospace Precision: repairs@aerospaceprecision.com

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Copyright © 2017 Aerospace Precision, Inc. All Rights Reserved