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Aerospace Precision can assist with emergency repairs, airlift for materials and spare parts or replacement spare parts due to loss and faulty operations.

To achieve this goal repeatedly, you must be able to predict and forecast demand accurately. Many maintenance operations today, however, lack the global visibility and monitoring of the maintenance schedule needed to prevent “surprises” that cause delays in work scope and maintenance due to unavailability of parts, work space, and personnel with appropriate skills. And when you can’t forecast availability, you cannot optimize your work schedules.

MRO operations are often outsourced, but you may not have supply chain visibility into subcontracted operations, rotable parts pools, and other critical supply information. Without this supply chain visibility, it is difficult to know when parts will be received, causing delays in the maintenance schedule and requiring manual follow-up. In addition, wrong-part and wrong-time deliveries can result in further delays. This lack of vision contributes to the buildup of spare parts, which dominates the airline industry not only with just-in-time parts, but also with millions of “just-in-case parts” on hand. Although the parts are there, the warehouse and suppliers often do not have access to the maintenance schedule, and this can lead to delivery delays. In addition, without adequate supply chain visibility, incorrect repair-or-replace decisions made during the strip-and-inspect process can drive up maintenance costs.

The inability of MRO operations to accurately predict and forecast the demand for parts and services is unnecessarily inhibiting maintenance turnaround time and increasing aircraft downtime. Aerospace Precision solutions from SAP replace this inability with global visibility of parts and resources, leading to an enhanced ability to manage parts and the supply chain network. Aerospace Precision enables you to reduce turnaround times and delays; we improve your vision by giving you collaborative scheduling and capacity planning tools, optimized and integrated functions, and the proactive monitoring you need to accurately and dependably predict and forecast demand for parts and services.

Consider Aerospace Precision for your custom solutions needs.


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Copyright © 2017 Aerospace Precision, Inc. All Rights Reserved