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Aerospace Precision, Inc. is pleased to have our customers supply their own materials for use in the repairs, for any requirement other than the standard overhaul kits or consumables.  However when customer supplied materials are used in the course of a repair, the following terms and conditions will be in effect:


  1. Aerospace Precision will not be responsible for warranty damages caused by the failure of any supplied materials, regardless of inspection. ( See warranty Policy)


  1. All customer supplied materials must have an FAA 8130-3 certification, or other proof of FAA traceability.  Aerospace Precision will not, at any time accept any part for use in a certificated product that is not accompanied by traceability to an FAA approved source.


  1. If no condition tag is received with the part, or the condition of the material is suspect, Aerospace Precision will process and inspect the part for serviceability in accordance with the appropriate documentation.  Aerospace Precision will then certify and receive the customerís property.  All traceability documents will be kept on file at Aerospace Precision with the customerís work order package in accordance with our standard document retention policy.  Charges for this service will be in accordance with the following schedule:


    • Visual Inspection :  $ 50.00 per part
    • Physical & Dimensional Inspection: $75.00 per part
    • Outside Services:  Cost, plus standard markup


  1. Aerospace Precision will not accept for use in any repair consumable items such as seals, packingís, O-Rings or other consumable items.  Items with a quoted, retail cost of less than $125.00 are not eligible for customer supplied parts.


  1. Any unused material will be returned to the customer upon completion of the service event at the customerís expense.  Aerospace Precision will not be responsible for any materials left in the facility that is not accepted for return to the customer upon completion of the service event.

Florida Operation: 2851 Evans Street, Hollywood, FL 33020-1119, U.S.A.
Tel: (954) 923-3213 | Fax: (954) 923-3223

Corporate: 34110 9th Avenue South, Federal Way, WA 98003-6710, U.S.A.
Tel: (253) 661-9600 | Fax: (253) 252-3941
Luchner Tool Engineering: tools@luchner.com
Aerospace Precision: repairs@aerospaceprecision.com

Copyright © 2017 Aerospace Precision, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



Copyright © 2017 Aerospace Precision, Inc. All Rights Reserved